Uganda Human Rights Commission Releases Cause lists for the Month of May 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 07:00

One of the basic functions of the Uganda Human Rights Commission is handling complaints of human rights violations and through its Tribunal process ordering human rights offenders to compensate the victims who report such complaints to the Commission.

The Uganda Human Rights Commission which is constitutionally mandated to protect and promote human rights in the country carries out tribunal hearings at each of its ten regional offices spread across the country located at Jinja,Soroti,Moroto,Arua,Gulu,Masaka,Central,Fort.Portal,Mbarara and Hoima.

The tribunals are presided over by Members of the Commission who include Hon. (Rtd.) Justice Gideon Tinyinondi; Stephen Basaliza; Joseph Etima; Meddie Mulumba and Dr. Katebalirwe Amooti Wa Irumba, while technical support is provided to the commissioners by the Commission lawyers (Human Rights Officers) also located in the different regional offices.

The aim of tribunal hearings is to provide redress to alleged victims of human rights violations by awarding them compensation and punishing the alleged perpetrators by ordering them to pay compensation to the victims. In order to ensure that there is fairness, the alleged violators of human rights are accorded an opportunity to defend themselves before the tribunals. However, the Commission also handles some of the complaints brought to it through mediation.

The Commission periodically issues cause lists of cases that will be handled by its tribunals and has therefore recently released a cause list containing a total of 96 cases of human rights violations that will be handled in the month of May at all the UHRC regional offices across the country. Cases at the tribunal include new cases, partially heard cases and those due to decisions.   

The Uganda Human Rights Commission therefore urges complainants with cases of human rights violations pending before the tribunal to always monitor the release of these monthly cause lists by checking at the Regional Office nearest to them for those upcountry or at its Head Office in Kampala as well as the UHRC website at www.uhrc.uhrc.

The tribunal hearings, just like all services offered at the Commission are free of charge because they mainly target the indigent members of society who form the biggest part of the population. UHRC continues to call upon all the stakeholders involved in the tribunal processes to fully cooperate and adhere to the scheduled cause lists in order to fulfill the objective of delivering justice to all Ugandans.