Mr. Charles Mukasa

Commission Planner

Mukasa Charles is the Planner to the Uganda Human Rights Commission. He joined the Commission in 2010 when he started the one-man unit assisted by a graduate Volunteer. He is mainly responsible for the development and review of the Uganda Human Rights Commission Strategic Investment Plan; preparation of work plans and budgets; undertaking monitoring and evaluation, collection and analysis of statistical data; coordination of projects and periodical performance reports.

Prior to joining the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Mr. Mukasa worked for the government of Uganda as an Economist for a period spanning over 15 years. He has held several positions as an economist, statistician, population officer, Deputy Chief Finance Officer and grew through the mainstream public service ranks to a Principle Economist.  He has successfully  coordinated a range of internationally and nationally funded projects including: the ongoing UHRC GIZ-financed Project promoting human rights in Uganda;  the UHRC’s UNDP-financed Peace Building and Human Rights Project (2011-2012) ; the World Bank-funded first and second Local Government Development Program (LGDP I and II) (2001) and its successor  Local Government Management and Service Delivery Program (LGMSD) in Luwero District ; the IFAD- funded District Livelihood Support Programme (DLSP) ; Poverty Action Funds (PAF) and Luwero-Rwenzori Development project; in the same district, among other responsibilities.

Mr. Charles Mukasa joined the Uganda Human Rights Commission with a wealth of experience in planning, budgeting, project management, monitoring and evaluation, procurement, financial planning, management and controls. He is holder of several postgraduate qualifications in the fields of policy and planning; project planning and management, managing for impact, Results based management, monitoring and evaluation; statistical data analysis, training of trainers, management and leadership skills; among others. He is a practitioner of modern impact evaluation methodologies including the Theory of Change and possesses experience as the anchor person for several Government of Uganda reforms including: the Results Oriented Management (ROM);Output Oriented Budgeting (OOB), client charter formulation and Fiscal Decentralization Strategy (FDS).

In his private capacity, Mr. Mukasa has done several consultancy work in the areas of expenditure tracking studies, value for money audits and independent procurement reviews. He has also been a consultant for national assessment exercises of local government authorities in Uganda and the Republic of Tanzania; gender, land and assets with ICRW, among others.

Contact information:

Plot 22 Lumumba Avenue; TWED Plaza

P.O. Box 4929 Kampala

Tel: 041 4 258 501; +256 787 258 939