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UHRC Statement on the recent ‘Shoot to Kill’ Order by the Uganda Police Force

Monday, September 22, 2014 - 11:29

UHRC Statement on the recent ‘Shoot to Kill’ Order by the Uganda Police Force (Issued on Thursday 20th February 2014) The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) previously issued a statement to the country on Friday 6th September 2013 voi.


Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:20

The Uganda Human Rights Commission has been monitoring and investigating the various mysterious murders that have been taking place in the country since last year. The Commission is concerned about the magnitude and atrocious manner in which these murders are being executed by ruthless but seemingly organized hit gangs who so far seem to have successfully eluded the law.

The Commission is even more perturbed with reports that efforts to arrest these culprits have not yielded much success, leaving the hit gangs to continue with their criminal activities unabated. The Commission extends its heartfelt condolences to Ugandan families that...

Statement on International Human Rights Day

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:18

Statement issued by the Uganda Human Rights Commission and partners to the media to commemorate this year’s International Human Rights Day

Every December 10th, Uganda joins the international community to commemorate the International Human Rights Day which is significant to all humanity as this is the landmark day when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948. This year, the Uganda Human Rights Commission, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Uganda, Human Rights Network, Uganda, and other civil society organisations including ACTV, ASF, Human Rights Centre, RLP among others, shall...


Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:16


The Uganda Human Rights Commission has won an award for the best National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) that has contributed the most to the human rights work in Africa. The award was given by The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights during a Special Session held in Yamoussoukro, Cote d’ Ivoire to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.The ceremony was presided over by President Alassane Outtara of Cote d’Ivoire and was attended among others, the UN High Commissioner...


Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:15

Press Release on Acholi Sub Region Special Report

The Uganda Human Rights Commission will on Friday September 28th 2012 launch a Special Report on the Peace Building Project for the former IDPs in the Acholi sub region. The function to be presided over by the Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Hilary Onek at Bomah Hotel, Gulu marks the end of the one-year programmme which was put in to augment the resettlement exercise following the end of the 20 year- Kony war. The 112 –page Report titled “Picking up the pieces in Acholi sub-region” presents findings by the Uganda Human...

Need to put debate on emerging human rights concerns of 2012 raised in the recently published UHRC Annual report into perspective

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:13

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) launched its 15 th Annual Report on Wednesday 3 rd April 2013 in fulfillment of its Constitutional requirement under Article 52 (2). The report which highlights activities of the UHRC in the year 2012 also among other things contains chapters on a cross section of human rights issues including access to justice for vulnerable persons; the right to health; an assessment of access to quality education; human rights concerns arising out of the floods and the Bududa landslides and the emerging human rights concerns.

The report also makes recommendations for improvements in the...

UHRC Statement on World Press Freedom Day

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:11

Ensuring the Safety of Journalists and Media Workers :

The Uganda Human Rights commission (UHRC) once again joins the rest of the world to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day which falls every 3rd May as a way of raising awareness of the importance of freedom of expression and press freedom in Uganda. UHRC has joined its other partners who include UNESCO, UJA, GIZ and OHCHR, Kampala to add its voice to the advocacy for a better operating environment for the media and to open discussion on how enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression and the...

Sealing off of some Media Houses by Police

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 18:09

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) is deeply concerned by the actions of police on Monday 20th May 2013 when it cordoned off and searched the premises of The Monitor Publications in Namuwongo, Kampala and The Red pepper Newspaper in Namanve. The sealing off of the Monitor premises was spontaneously followed by the inaccessibility of airwaves of the 93.3 KFM and Dembe radios housed in the said premises. The Uganda Human Rights Commission is constitutionally mandated to update the public on the state of human rights in the country and to offer guidance to the Government and the...